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At paint sprayers UK we can give a new lease of life to almost everything in the home, from kitchen cabinets and cupboards, dining tables and chairs, every little detail right down to the salt cellar!


We provide a unique service making available the professional finish only available from spraying delivered in a bespoke way.


Bedroom furniture including bedside cabinets, wardrobes and occasional furniture. Lounge furniture, dressers, television and media cabinets, sideboards occasional tables and indeed any item you want to change colour!


We can also paint Window frames, door frames and in fact any interior or exterior architectural feature in a colour and lustre of your choice.


We can colour match to any colour, surface gloss to any level, indeed we can match any finish that you desire allowing you to update old furniture to current trends, whilst also providing a highly durable finish to keep your furniture looking great.


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